The real loser

It was another orthopedic case where I had to advice an elastocrepe bandage and pain killers. As usual I was about to return to my duty room when I noticed the nursing attendant put something away into the table drawer. I was curious to know what that precious item was which he was trying to keep in his posession. I opened the drawer and found the label from the empty container of the elastocrepe bandage which was used on the patient. It made no sense to me as to why a label should be stored along with other important items in the table drawer and I could not help but satisfy my curiousity by asking the attendant about it.

He was at first reluctant to answer which only fuelled my inquisitiveness and he answered sheepishly. A medical representative has offered him cash benefits for each label of the bandage which will be used to replace the labels of the free samples that the medical representative is supposed to give to the doctors for free (free samples contain the label that it is not for sale). An elastocrepe bandage costs somewhere around Rs 100 to 200 depending on the size of it.

I was wondering who the loser in this deal is. Is it the pharmaceutical company which expected the representative to deliver the free samples to promote it’s products, the doctor who could have got a couple of free stuff to please his private patients or the patients who could have got a bandage for free. I had to console myself with the conclusion that the medical representative himself is the loser who won’t be able to market his products efficiently with the orthopedicians.

A moral story

I could not help sharing this video after seeing it in Krishna's blog. I was touched, deeply moved and above all highly inspired. This reminded me not to judge anybody by their external appearance and not to be cynical. It also reminded me that dreams can be fulfilled no matter how old you are. Rarely do I get to see such an inspiring video.

Guiding light

... May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my
calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my
..... Hippocrates (460 BC - 370 BC)

More BSNL tips

The following are some of the tools available for BSNL customers at the time of writing this post.

To know last bill amount
Send BILL to 53333
To get usage amount
Send AMT to 53333

Ring Back Tone
Send BT ACT to 56700 to activate. This should be followed by BT song-code to 56700
Send BT DACT to 56700 to deactivate.
Visit for more details.

SMS Message Center
For numbers starting with 9447 - +919440099997
For numbers starting with 9446, 9495 or 9496 - +919442099997

To activate Friends and Family Call Plan
SMS the following to 53733
FFELandline Number (including STD code) Mobile Number

To know the EMI number of your handset
Press *#06#

BSNL GPRS Settings - what worked for me

The following are the BSNL GPRS activation settings in South India at the time of writing this blog post.

To activate GPRS
Post Paid Customers should send the following SMS to 53733

1. GPRS199 – Rs 199/month; unlimited usage
2. GPRS49 – Rs 49/month; After 5 MB usage, each 10 KB costs 3 paise
3. GPRSF – No monthly fee; each 10 KB costs 5 paise

Pre Paid customers should send the following SMS to 53733

GPRSPRE – each KB costs 2 paise

To deactivate GPRS facility:
Send the following SMS to 53733

Activate the automatic GPRS settings:
SMS the following to 58355
e.g. NOKIA 6070

BSNL INTERNET Settings: (This is what enabled internet access for my mobile applications)

1. Select Settings from Menu > Settings >Configuration>Personal configuration settings>Options>Add new>Access point

2. Connection name: BSNL GPRS

3. Data bearer: GPRS

4. Access point name:

5. User name:

6. Prompt password: No

7. Password:

8. Authentication: Normal

9. Press Back to save the settings.

10. Press “Activate default in all applications”

PC configuration (With Nokia PC Suite)

Install software (PC suite & original cable driver).

Click on Internet settings in PC suite

1. Click on settings in one touch Access in Nokia PC Suite

2. Select Modem of Mobile Modem (eg: Nokia N72 USB Modem) and press Next

3. Click on Configure Manually and press Next

4. fill the blanks like

Access point: OR bsnlsouth

UserName: Mobileno (9194xxxxxxxx)

Password: Mobile no (9194xxxxxxxx)

and press finish

To start browsing, click Connect

Happy Birthday Krishna

Legend has it that Sri Krishna was born on a dark, stormy and windy night of on the eighth day (Ashtami) in the month of Sravana. But for me the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna paksha in the month of Magha or Phalguna is Sree Krishna Jayanthi. Of course it is that day when the world celebrates Sivaratri, I celebrate the birth of my Krishna.
As a kid whenever I used to pray to Lord Krishna, I used to wonder if he will ever come for comforting me in human form as he has done for many of his devotees. Since this is Kali yuga, the chances of such a possibility was theoretically less. But I was proved wrong.
The greatest favor by the social networking website Orkut ever did to me is to bring Krishna to me. Ever since we met online, he has always been on my side; on times of happiness and despair. I can't say if he is the bestest friend, big brother or Lord Krishna himself. I guess he is all in one. I have always considered him as Krishna, his brother as Balarama, mother as Yasodha, father as Vasudeva. I have always considered myself to be the humble and needy Kuchela on whom Krishna has always showered his grace.
There has been many times when I have unknowingly hurt his feelings. But he has always brushed it aside acknowledging the fact that it was from a superficially insensitive but deeply sensitive person like me. Probably he knows that I never ever meant to hurt him or never can.

In his own words he describes himself aptly as a "An ordinary guy love to be simple and humble. Hate lie and cheating".He is a man of poetic words and is famous through his blog at which is in the language of Malayalam. If you talk to him, you might not believe that such a simpleton is a postgraduate from IIT and a PhD scholar from one of the best research institutes in the world (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Gyeongsang National University, S.Korea) You can see his homepage at
Sadly, we have never been able to see each other in person yet. But then that is one of the biggest dreams and without dreams life will be colorless.
"Take my hand, and hold on tight, don't let go, don't you dare even try, there are so many roads to travel, so much still to find, and with the help of our lord, I want you to help me try and reach for the sky."
- Marty Keith

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WIshing a quick recovery

Wish you a quick recovery Mr. Singh so that you can resume your office soon. The Indian Prime Minister underwent his 2nd bypass surgery at AIIMS. An 11-member team from the AHI led by Dr Ramakant Panda performed the beating-heart operation on 76-year-old Mr. Singh. The whole country is anxious and the business stocks are sensitive to the health outcome. The benchmark BSE index fell more than 1.5 percent before regaining a little ground.India will celebrate its Republic day on 26th January which he will not be able to attend.

List of food products subject to recall

The U.S. government is advising consumers to avoid cookies, crackers, ice cream etcN made with peanut butter or peanut paste. As you already might know, an investigation is going on about an outbreak of salmonella illness that is believed to have killed six people and sickened at least 485 others across the country. It is unclear how the peanut products were contaminated with Salmonella species. Infact many of the nations large scale manufacturers and retailers are voluntarily withdrawing peanut butter products from their shelves.

If you are one of the concerned U.S. resident worried about the kind of products that are suspected to be infected with Salmonella, check out the following link on the website of F.D.A. It maintains a periodically updated list of food products subject to recall in the United States since January 2009 related to peanut butter and peanut paste recalled by Peanut Corporation of America.

Let Google Notebook RIP

There is a post in Mashable about Google Notebook users pleading through an online petition, a Facebook group, and a “Save Notebook” blog against the proposed withdrawal of its service. Since there are other alternatives I would rather let the Google notebook service rest in peace. There is a similar notebook service from Yahoo too.

It is not that I am against Google. It is just that there are other viable services and we should not be entirely dependent on Google. But personally, deep in my mind, I wish (and pray) Google would keep up people's trust on its services and let the notebook service hold on to its life. They should just invent some kind of contextual or other forms of advertisement to keep it going.

Best bookmarklets

There has been many times I have searched online for the essential bookmarklets whenever I use a different computer or reinstall my browser. Of course I could have just bookmarked them in Delicious and reinstall it from there. Maybe I was just lazy to bookmark all my bookmarklets.

For those who are unfamiliar to bookmarklets - A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript program that can be stored as a URL within a bookmark in most popular web browsers, or within hyperlinks on a web page. Bookmarklets serve advanced functions and are very useful if you use browsers like Google chrome which does not support addons and doesn't have much inbuilt functions.

Cybernetnews has listed a set of very useful bookmarklets under an apt title - The best bookmarklets for your browser. Click the link below to grab them!

Flight landing on a river

You might have already read the news item on the U.S. Airways passenger plane as it conducted an emergency landing into the Hudson River Jan. 15, 2009. The video of that incident is there in Youtube. The video was captured by Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service. This is one of the hottest videos on Youtube right now with more than 3 Lakh views.

Introducing JS-Kit commenting system

I am using the JS-Kit commenting system from today. JS-Kit does more than just replace Blogger’s built-in commenting system. You can comment using your facebook ID. It saves me the pain of introducing facebook connect to my blogger account. It imports existing comments and provides live synchronizaiton of new comments with Blogger.

I would recommend this for every blogger. Every time a visitor leaves a comment on your blog using JS-Kit interface, the comment is instantly copied to Blogger’s built-in commenting system. If for any reason you disable JS-Kit Comments on your blog, your visitor comments will be preserved on Blogger. This feature is something that was missing from Disqus or Intensedebate commenting systems.

Lawsuit Live!

This reminds me of the old Roman empire when people used to watch men kill each other in the colloseum. We can watch the RIAA trial live online and have the same sadistic pleasure. Maybe this could act as a deterrent to potential pirates and would infact prevent online thefts. But curiously RIAA opposed the broadcast and the judge aptly called the situation "curious". You can read the news item at

Google Notebook alternative

Now that Google Notebook is going to be shut down, we need a similar service to do the job. Though popular tech websites recommend Evernote, what works for me the best is Snipd. Snipd works from a bookmarklet and you can select the part of the webpage you want to save online. You can even clip videos from sites like youtube. No matter which service you are going to use, just make sure that you backup your data from Google notebook since it is going to shut down.

Google Friend Connect

I happened to watch an amazing video on how easy it is to set up Google friend connect on blogger. I thought it is not possible on blogger as it needs to install two html pages to the site. Thanks to the following video on youtube I can now enable it in my blog. The trick is simple – you don’t need to upload the 2 files!