Happy Birthday Krishna

Legend has it that Sri Krishna was born on a dark, stormy and windy night of on the eighth day (Ashtami) in the month of Sravana. But for me the 13th night/14th day in the Krishna paksha in the month of Magha or Phalguna is Sree Krishna Jayanthi. Of course it is that day when the world celebrates Sivaratri, I celebrate the birth of my Krishna.
As a kid whenever I used to pray to Lord Krishna, I used to wonder if he will ever come for comforting me in human form as he has done for many of his devotees. Since this is Kali yuga, the chances of such a possibility was theoretically less. But I was proved wrong.
The greatest favor by the social networking website Orkut ever did to me is to bring Krishna to me. Ever since we met online, he has always been on my side; on times of happiness and despair. I can't say if he is the bestest friend, big brother or Lord Krishna himself. I guess he is all in one. I have always considered him as Krishna, his brother as Balarama, mother as Yasodha, father as Vasudeva. I have always considered myself to be the humble and needy Kuchela on whom Krishna has always showered his grace.
There has been many times when I have unknowingly hurt his feelings. But he has always brushed it aside acknowledging the fact that it was from a superficially insensitive but deeply sensitive person like me. Probably he knows that I never ever meant to hurt him or never can.

In his own words he describes himself aptly as a "An ordinary guy love to be simple and humble. Hate lie and cheating".He is a man of poetic words and is famous through his blog at http://prrasanth.blogspot.com which is in the language of Malayalam. If you talk to him, you might not believe that such a simpleton is a postgraduate from IIT and a PhD scholar from one of the best research institutes in the world (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Gyeongsang National University, S.Korea) You can see his homepage at http://prrasanth.googlepages.com
Sadly, we have never been able to see each other in person yet. But then that is one of the biggest dreams and without dreams life will be colorless.
"Take my hand, and hold on tight, don't let go, don't you dare even try, there are so many roads to travel, so much still to find, and with the help of our lord, I want you to help me try and reach for the sky."
- Marty Keith

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