CME credits

In the western countries, I know that many websites exist where the CME credits can be obtained for free. Medscape provides such CME hours for free even for foreign doctors like us which can be obtained at the comfort of one’s residence sitting in front of the computer. Free of cost CMEs should be our top priority. In fact it is not possible for an average middle class doctor to go to distant places taking leave from work and to pay dearly for a couple of CME hours. Also the feasibility of traveling to distant places from rural areas and the discomfort of conducting a journey in overcrowded public transportation of ours should be considered. (Of course, I am not referring to doctors having their own air conditioned vehicle driven by another driver)

I would appeal to the medical fraternity to take some positive steps in this regard. My suggestions are the following.
1) MCI should recognize the online CME hours granted by reputed portals like Medscape.
2) The government should start similar portals from where any doctor can obtain CME credits for free after attending a virtual session.
3) Local IMA meetings have reputed speakers on almost every month. Such meetings should be recognized for accredited CME hours.
4) The fees charged for CMEs by various medical bodies should be checked by authorities.
5) A more lenient approach should be taken while considering accreditation of a CME for credits. Eg. It should not be insisted that the speaker must be from a teaching institution.