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More BSNL tips

The following are some of the tools available for BSNL customers at the time of writing this post.

To know last bill amount
Send BILL to 53333
To get usage amount
Send AMT to 53333

Ring Back Tone
Send BT ACT to 56700 to activate. This should be followed by BT song-code to 56700
Send BT DACT to 56700 to deactivate.
Visit for more details.

SMS Message Center
For numbers starting with 9447 - +919440099997
For numbers starting with 9446, 9495 or 9496 - +919442099997

To activate Friends and Family Call Plan
SMS the following to 53733
FFELandline Number (including STD code) Mobile Number

To know the EMI number of your handset
Press *#06#

BSNL GPRS Settings - what worked for me

The following are the BSNL GPRS activation settings in South India at the time of writing this blog post.

To activate GPRS
Post Paid Customers should send the following SMS to 53733

1. GPRS199 – Rs 199/month; unlimited usage
2. GPRS49 – Rs 49/month; After 5 MB usage, each 10 KB costs 3 paise
3. GPRSF – No monthly fee; each 10 KB costs 5 paise

Pre Paid customers should send the following SMS to 53733

GPRSPRE – each KB costs 2 paise

To deactivate GPRS facility:
Send the following SMS to 53733

Activate the automatic GPRS settings:
SMS the following to 58355
e.g. NOKIA 6070

BSNL INTERNET Settings: (This is what enabled internet access for my mobile applications)

1. Select Settings from Menu > Settings >Configuration>Personal configuration settings>Options>Add new>Access point

2. Connection name: BSNL GPRS

3. Data bearer: GPRS

4. Access point name:

5. User name:

6. Prompt password: No

7. Password:

8. Authentication: Normal

9. Press Back to save the settings.

10. Press “Activate default in all applications”

PC configuration (With Nokia PC Suite)

Install software (PC suite & original cable driver).

Click on Internet settings in PC suite

1. Click on settings in one touch Access in Nokia PC Suite

2. Select Modem of Mobile Modem (eg: Nokia N72 USB Modem) and press Next

3. Click on Configure Manually and press Next

4. fill the blanks like

Access point: OR bsnlsouth

UserName: Mobileno (9194xxxxxxxx)

Password: Mobile no (9194xxxxxxxx)

and press finish

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