List of food products subject to recall

The U.S. government is advising consumers to avoid cookies, crackers, ice cream etcN made with peanut butter or peanut paste. As you already might know, an investigation is going on about an outbreak of salmonella illness that is believed to have killed six people and sickened at least 485 others across the country. It is unclear how the peanut products were contaminated with Salmonella species. Infact many of the nations large scale manufacturers and retailers are voluntarily withdrawing peanut butter products from their shelves.

If you are one of the concerned U.S. resident worried about the kind of products that are suspected to be infected with Salmonella, check out the following link on the website of F.D.A. It maintains a periodically updated list of food products subject to recall in the United States since January 2009 related to peanut butter and peanut paste recalled by Peanut Corporation of America.

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  1. Its sometimes good to be allergic to peanut butter ;)