Will social networks be replaced by blogs and their feeds?

It is so easy for a lay person to create a personal blog and be in touch with family and friends. If the aim of social networks is just to help to socialize in cyberworld, a personal blog exactly does the same thing! I had to create a link with all my web 2.0 links on a separate tab, so that my friends can trace me in all those sites. The feeds from profile aggregators like Profilactic or MyBloglog serves the purpose of this unification to a certain extent. But then there are many such profile aggregators which again fails to serve the purpose of aggregation in a common platform.

Then the argument is about sharing pictures, videos and other personal stuff and websites like Youtube, Flickr and other web 2.0 sites serve that purpose. But a personal blog is needed to combine all those services in a single interface and to share the contents in an organized manner. The use of these services is limited to storage of specific media or files online for a final output in a personal blog. RSS/Atom feeds are ideal to share and to keep updated about recent activites. I wish all my friends had their own personal blogs and I can pull all their feeds in just a single click in my google reader instead of logging on separately to Orkut, Facebook, Hi5 etc.

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