CIMS is online

An online reference for Indian pharmaceutical products is something I always wished for. Though there are similar services for US pharma products, they are quite useless from an Indian context. Current Index of Medical Specialties (CIMS) has always been a ready reckoner among Indian physicians for drug reference. Now the contents of CIMS is available on the net at their website at

CMPMedica is a leading healthcare media company providing tailored solutions to a global healthcare market. They provide reference data, decision support solutions, news and education to communities of general practitioners, specialist doctors, pharmacists, nurses and patients across 26 countries.

The website is quite intuitive and you can search either CIMS or Searchmedica. You can choose to search for druginfo, interactions or diagnoses. I liked the feature of interactions but won't comment on the diagnoses option. Though I was interested only on Indian pharma products, you can search for info from other countries in Asia as well. I liked the fact that they have a PDA friendly version of the site. Though PDAs are yet to catch up among the Indian doctors, it is good to have a lightweight version of a site to browse on the mobile phone.

Thanks to Mr. Satish for pointing me to this site for his comment on my previous post about online drug references for Indian pharmaceutical products.

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  1. Hi Doctor, Now you can get better information on Indian Drugs on www,, I would love to have your reviews on the same...

  2. can i get CIMS on my mobile phone as enlish dictionary software?

  3. There is a PDA/mobile version at I don't know of a software edition though. I guess online edition is better than software as we need up to date information.

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