Doctor's Gude

Doctor’s Guide (Docguide) has been a ready reference for doctors for quite a long time. But as the name suggests, it is a website which caters only to doctors and the general public has little to benefit from that web site. The web site can be personalized and the resources can be arranged according to individual preferences. What I like the most is the top bar containing CME video links which is called Peerview Media Bar.

The site offers ready access links to a large number of medical journals, patient resources, case discussions and medical news from different specialties. It is a nice web page to be bookmarked as a homepage as all the important medical links can be neatly arranged in the personalized edition. You can also add the web sites of your choice to your personalized homepage. But you don’t have to give your username and password to access the personalized edition and this makes me wonder if someone can mess with someone else’s personalized homepage.

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