A cute environment friendly car

I happened to see the advertisement of Reva, a small environment friendly car which runs on electricity, about 2 years back and thought that it will soon revolutionize the Indian transportation. It seems so economic and ideal for the average Indian budget. The amazing thing about this car is its environment friendliness. It doesn’t gulp gallons of non renewable energy resource called gasoline and spit out toxic fumes in return. The cost of electricity one would use for every kilometer works out to be half a rupee per kilometre even if you buy really expensive electricity.

The memories of seeing that advertisement in a pamphlet was freshened when I my eyes met a small car belonging to the postal department. I was surprised to see that it is indeed the little environment friendly car which I always wanted to see in large numbers in the Indian roads. I wish that small car all the best wishes and hope that it gets into the Indian roads in large numbers.

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